Raffaele Bubola

Technical-commercial Manager

Raffaele Bubola started his career as a software developer in the financial domain. He is now senior consultant and SAP principal in the financial domain, XBRL consultant at all levels and Manager of the project for the integrated SAP-IFRS XBRL financial statement.
He has been working for years as SAP projects Manager for the integration of individual statements and consolidated statements (both statutory and managerial) in Italian and international companies, in compliance with the present regulations (IAS/IFRS).
As Project Manager for the development of software solutions based on XBRL for Italian and IAS/IFRS statements, he led several experimental projects for the creation of XBRL taxonomies, employable in the Italian fiscal domain and in the communication between banks and companies.
He is the founder of B&B Soft and designer of several software tools for the integration and management of XBRL financial statements.

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Welcome to B&B Soft

B&B Soft was born in 1994 on the initiative of Raffaele Bubola was born in 1994 on the initiative of Raffaele Bubola, to supply consultancy in the development of IT Italian management information systems.

In 1997 the Company began working with the SAP system, after that it maintained and deepened its competence in the administrative environment with particular attention to the administrative processes for the establishment of financial statements. It took part in a continuative manner to SAP implementation and development projects for companies such as Italcementi, Benetton, De Longhi and Assicurazioni Generali in collaboration with the consultancy companies of the IBM Group and directly with the Italian SAP Branch. The company autonomously realized financial consolidation projects with SAP software.

In 2007 the company began working with the XBRL international language, while in 2009 the company engaged with the development of the BIL-X solution that is now at the 3.0 version and is employed by important Italian companies.

In 2012 and 2013 the experimental project of creation of new XBRL taxonomies is launched for the fiscal environment among which banks and Italian companies. The project is carried on in association with Corefiling based in the United Kingdom.

In 2014, the company extended its competence to the domain of Disclosure Management, with the realization of several projects by means of software tools in international markets such as in the UK, in the US and in India.

In the present, B&B Soft is constantly engaged in the realization of new projects with the most up recent SAP software such as BPC 4/HANA, SAP Disclosure Management rel. 10.1.

Our Speciality

Integration and communication of financial data, administrative processes, XBRL & SAP

We have gained a significant experience in the integration and automation of financial data coming from different sources in international and Italian environments and companies.

Such processes are not only meant to be internally employed by companies. In fact, they can also be adopted in the publication of financial statements as well as in the external communication in general. All of this in compliance with the ever growing restrictions and responsibilities concerning these administrative processes.

We provide consulting for all the SAP modules involved in such a field. We also provide solutions envisaging the integration of heterogeneous systems to obtain the best result according to your goals and your budget.