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30 years of experience

B&B Soft has been implementing SAP projects in numerous industrial and insurance groups of international standing for thirty years, and has been a supporting member of XBRL Italy since 2010.

We have developed a high level of competence in the preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements both in civil law and tax matters , and we have developed software dedicated to the XBRL language to save enormously on the time and cost of financial reporting.

This allows us to offer a complete consultancy and professional services in the administrative and financial environment, both at the request of the end customer and of SAP partners, where the constant updating of Italian legislative changes is of fundamental importance.

  • SAP Consultancy

    30 years of SAP consulting for large and medium-sized companies in Italy and abroad.

  • Financial Statements Consultancy

    20 years of consultancy in the financial area at any level of complexity of corporate financial statements or consolidated financial statements for corporate groups to be drafted according to Italian or IAS/IFRS principles, in the field of tax law and management.

  • XBRL Projects

    Many years of experience in XBRL projects on international accounting systems, language updates, integration with information systems.

  • XBRL integration

    Solutions for the preparation of financial statements that can be integrated into any accounting system. All solutions are entirely based on XBRL technology, even on Cloud.

BIL-X & BIL-X Cloud integrated balance sheets

BIL-X, the Extensible Balance Sheet in XBRL, is integrated into every accounting system to automatize the production of documents for the financial statement disclosure in the formats of the electronic distribution and of paper copies.
It is also available in CLOUD , to offer you maximum security and privacy wherever you want.
For more information, visit bil-x.com

Automated XBRL

The automation that can be implemented with BIL-X makes it possible to speed up the preparation of documents for financial statement disclosure. Not only the balance sheet, the memorandum accounts and the income statement but also all the tables in the explanatory notes with the relative comments and the management report.

Texts, values ​​and tables are combined together to produce the various documents and integrate them into a single budget book, with

  • data integration with any administrative system,
  • verification of the congruity of the values,
  • automation of distributable financial statements,
  • use of standard and open technologies not subject to costs,
  • all the definitions and reports of the Italian XBRL taxonomy of data presentation,
  • individual and consolidated financial statement disclosure
  • all the financial communication documents,
  • use of XBRL to eliminate errors and costs from manual activities,
  • interactive mapping environment,
  • speed, reliability and less chance of error,
  • management in Word, Excel, PDF, Adobe InDesign, etc.

These and many other advantages for the internal needs of those who must periodically produce their financial statements.

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